At Eickmeyer & Associates, Inc., we have been exclusively developing the CATACARB hot potassium carbonate (HPC) process for over 60 years. We have designed over 150 CATACARB plants in 33 countries. The applications include, but are not limited to, flue gas carbon capture, hydrogen, ammonia, ethylene oxide (EO), natural gas/synthetic natural gas (NG/SNG), and vinyl acetate monomer (VAM).

With data from over 35,000,000 operating hours and laboratory testing, we have developed proprietary HPC simulation software that gives extreme confidence in our designs, translating to exceptional performance guarantees. Our simulation stays up to date with best—available technologies, such as modern structured tower packings, to remain state-of-the-art.

Worldwide, CATACARB units are operating around the clock to remove CO2 in chemical, refinery, and fertilizer complexes. The inherent low energy requirements of the HPC process, combined with the improved efficiency resulting from the use of CATACARB additives, offers optimal energy efficiency and performance.  Leveraging decades of real-word data, our specialists complete the successful formula.

Over 60 years of expert design and support for