The CATACARB Process has been proven extensively for removing CO2 from ethylene oxide recycle gas. Many of the leading EO/EG producers and licensors, such as Shell Chemicals, BASF, SHARQ, and Mitsubishi, employ the CATACARB process for their CO2 removal needs. We work with the EO/EG plant licensor to fine-tune the CATACARB design for optimal economics with respect to plant layout, available utilities, and demands of the EO reaction section.

In the EO reactor, some CO2 is generated as an undesirable byproduct. The HPC process can be used to remove the CO2 from the EO recycle gas. However, the use of organic solvents (e.g., amine) or organic rate promoters of typical HPC processes is not permitted due to degradation from high oxygen content and contamination of the recycle gas.

Our proprietary simulation program is based on real-world operating data and gives us the confidence to design cost-effective CO2 removal systems with guaranteed results.

Using a minor proportion of our non-degrading and non-volatile inorganic catalyst, the CATACARB Process has been successfully implemented in over 60 EO/EG plants. The inorganic catalyst accelerates the rate of CO2 absorption and stripping by approximately 40% over the uncatalyzed HPC process, allowing for smaller equipment sizes and lower capital expenditure. Furthermore, since the inorganic catalyst also acts as a corrosion inhibitor, extensive use of carbon steel is permitted for reduced equipment cost. It also helps prevent stress corrosion cracking from chlorides, which are sometimes found in high concentrations in EO applications.

HPC solutions activated by our CATACARB inorganic catalyst have typical makeup rates less than 10% each year

Using the CATACARB Process, CO2 can be treated to levels as low as 2000 ppm. With typical heat efficiencies between 1.5-3.0 tons of steam consumption per ton of CO2 removed, the CATACARB Process offers a 20-30% improvement in energy efficiency when compared with non-activated HPC systems.

We can help with a brand-new plant or, with our experience in over 50 revamp projects in the EO/EG industry alone, can help maximize the potential of your existing HPC system. Whether you desire lower CO2 contents, lower energy consumption, or production expansion, we can help.