CATACARB® units capture

89,000,000 tons of CO2 every year.


Using data from 150+ CATACARB plants and a deep understanding of mass transfer, momentum transfer, thermodynamics, and solution chemistry, we have created a proprietary HPC simulation that allows for high confidence in our designs and recommendations. This empirically driven program has been heavily tested over the decades and allows us to accurately guarantee the performance and efficiencies of our CATACARB process designs and gives us confidence in our operating recommendations, equipment designs, and material balances.

The optimum set of solution chemistry, solution flowrates, temperatures/pressures, etc. changes with operating capacity and gas conditions. Departures from these optimal parameter values can decrease the energy (steam) efficiency of the HPC process, and if energy input is not increased, can increase the slip of CO2 in the process gas. Using our simulations and experience, we can readily offer parameter targets and instructions on process optimization to make your CATACARB unit as effective as possible.