HPC solutions activated by our CATACARB inorganic catalyst have typical makeup rates less than 10% each year


In Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM) production, some CO2 is generated in the VAM reactor as an undesirable byproduct. High concentrations of oxygen in the recycle gas prevent the use of organic solvents and HPC rate promoters due to degradation and contamination of the recycle gas, making CO2 removal from VAM recycle gas complicated.

Using our flagship inorganic catalyst, the CATACARB Process has been successfully implemented in many VAM plants. The catalyst improves absorption and stripping rates by over 40% over the non-catalyzed HPC process and offers 20-30% energy efficiency improvements. It does not contaminate the VAM recycle gas due to its non-volatility, and its resistance to degradation yields a solution requiring minimal makeup.