Eickmeyer & Associates, Inc. has developed a signature polyglycol-based antifoam which is compatible in all our CATACARB applications. With a small dosage per day, this antifoam helps prevent foaming occurrences due to organic contaminants at a nearly negligible operating cost. Shipped in a liquid form, CATACARB polyglycol antifoam simply needs to be mixed with water and injected into the system to minimize foaming propensity.

Our silicone-based antifoam is used in extreme instances of particle induced foaming, such as from a carbon filter or iron oxides, in which case a small amount of CATACARB silicone-based antifoam can be injected for correction. Although its use is rarely required, CATACARB silicone-based antifoam has been developed to ensure our plants are equipped to operate as reliably as possible.

Although it may be difficult to determine the cause of foaming and the right antifoam to use, our HPC experts can help troubleshoot the issue and get it resolved quickly.