Eickmeyer & Associates, Inc. has been designing and successfully implementing the CATACARB Process for ammonia and hydrogen plant applications since the early 1960s, with experience in over 80 hydrogen and ammonia applications. In fact, many of the early implementations of the CATACARB Process are still operational and serviced by Eickmeyer & Associates, Inc. to this day.

For hydrocracking and hydrodesulfurization in petroleum refineries, and for the Haber Bosch ammonia synthesis process, hydrogen gas containing low amounts of CO2 are required. Using the CATACARB Process, hydrogen gas can be brought down to below 2000 ppmv of CO2. The resulting CO2 byproduct stream of > 99% purity can then be used for applications like urea production, beverage manufacturing, enhanced oil recovery, and CO2 sequestration.

The CATACARB Process requires low capital investment and has a relatively high heat efficiency as compared with Amine scrubbing systems. Furthermore, the HPC solution catalyzed by our signature organic catalyst offers > 15% mass transfer efficiency benefits over traditional HPC systems that are catalyzed by DEA. With the added benefits of higher resistance to oxidation, lower vapor losses, and lower dosages, our CATACARB organic catalyst ensures exceptional performance while having improved economics.