The non-inhibited HPC solution is corrosive by nature due to the formation of carbonic acid from wet CO2 and the erosivity of alkaline solutions. Therefore, traditional non-corrosion inhibited HPC systems had to be constructed almost entirely of stainless steel, vastly increasing equipment capital costs.

Our corrosion inhibitors have been proven to be very effective at passivating carbon steel surfaces. This permits mostly carbon steel construction of the HPC process and in turn, lower capital costs. Both inhibitors offer protection against wet CO2 attack, erosion/corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking from chlorides. The CATACARB corrosion inhibitors can be regenerated with oxygen present in the feed gas or sparger air, are non-degradable, non-volatile, and come in liquid form for easy handling.

Proper operation with CATACARB corrosion inhibitors is made simple through our recommended analytical procedures and operating guidelines. Furthermore, these additives make the HPC solution self-indicating of a reducing/corrosive environment, as the solution turns visibly blue/green.